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Landscaping Mulch in Augusta, GA

Are you looking to beautify your garden or protect it from unwanted weeds? Landscaping mulch is a great solution to enhance the look of your yard while keeping the soil healthy.

Believe us when we say that wood mulch is what you need. Thankfully, we have lots available for you to choose from! We also offer organic compost to enrich your soil for healthier plants.

All of our wood mulches are natural, shredded forest products with long lasting non-toxic colors for you to choose from. Our selection includes red, brown, and black varieties. Mulch can enhance beauty and cover your soil against the threat of weeds and bugs. Landscaping mulch can also beautify your garden and is a better substitute than pine straw.

We also sell engineered playground mulch.

Our multi-purpose mulch will thrive within your garden or playground.

Engineered playground mulch is specifically made from recycled hardwood for playground safety surfacing. Our playground mulch is offered chemical-free and contaminant-free to ensure the safety of your children.


Artificial rubber mulch is also available in either bag or bulk. Rubber mulch is the new and easy way to keep your landscape looking fresh, clean, and neat. Available in many long-lasting colors, rubber mulch is a wood mulch substitute that will not compact or decay for years to come.

Please use the Landscape Calculator link below to see an estimated amount of materials you will need.

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